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MARCH 17-23,2024



Discover your inner child on the sacred ground of Colombia

A retreat designed to reconnect with our bodies, clear blocked energies and become aware of our unconscious patterns.


Through different practices such as rebirthing, meditation, yoga, ancient spiritual ceremonies and human connection,

we will unlock our true self and accept ourselves as we are.


We’ll have the pleasure of getting to know each other and ourselves more deeply,

with the help of Mother Nature, in a place where her Divinity

is still pristine.




Participate in daily workshops and meditation to settle the mind, release your intentions into the CIRCLE OF JOY and allow them to permeate throughout every level of your being


Come together in a safe, loving, non-judgmental environment to build soulful connections with like-minded seekers


Awaken your mind, body, and soul amid towering palm trees, striking views of native flora and fauna, and miles of unspoiled beachfront yoga, guided meditation and rebirthing sessions


Our main meals feature fresh, local ingredients that promote lightness of body, clarity of mind, and openness of spirit. "La cocina"of Gitana Del Mar ever evolving menus based on unique combinations of traditional Colombian flavors and dishes with preparation from around the world .


Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia, South America.

The resort lies on the foothills of  the impressive and magical Sierra Nevada  of Santa Marta, the world’s highest Coastal Mountain Range. This area is referred to as the Heart of the world, not only because of its geographical location, but more importantly because every single ecosystem exists and thrives in the Sierra Nevada mountains

Meet The Team

John bueno

John Bueno

Founder and Organizer

John Bueno was born in Colombia. From a very young age he was intrigued by books, poets and music. He studied literature at the University of Antioquia .In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles. On the way he met Michela his partner. Together they have worked on projects developing an exchange of art, beauty and culture. The circle of joy is their present vision. A meaningful program that expresses different types of knowledge.


Michela Muratori

Founder and Organizer

Michela is a beauty seeker and a visual explorer with decades of experience as event creator and director in fashion, in three continents: Europe, Asia and North America. A profound openness to different cultures has always been her hallmark. Many moons ago, she started a spiritual path of growth and profound change to get rid of old narratives and find her true essence. Driven by a sense of connection to her spirit, immersing herself in different ceremonies, spiritual traditions, and healing practices, she has founded Sendero Dawa with his partner to offer a path of growth to everyone. Sendero Dawa holds a space for people to transform.


Jay Moton

Yoga teacher and sound healer

Jay began his yogic path 2007 teaching in and around Los Angeles.  Whether it is showing up in yoga & meditation studios, corporate settings, yoga retreats or one-on-ones, Jay’s focus revolves around the Union of Self. The inner drive to uplift, heal and bring a deeper sense of awareness to those who are looking for a more authentically driven life and mindset is what inspires his work.   By extensively immersing himself in the practice and study of Yogic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and Soundbaths he has witnessed his own life shift and transform in miraculous ways.  Jay’s heartwarming and uplifting classes and workshops encourage students to rediscover their own inner power, mental strength and self-awareness, while releasing deep-seated blocks and unwanted stress.  As a teacher, healer and guide his genuine approach supports others to establish a deeper sense of inner union through compassion and self-love.


Patrizia Mercuri

Personal Growth Counselor

Born in Switzerland to Italian parents, since childhood she has seen how personal, family, cultural and social beliefs can influence and even affect the way of reading events, of perceiving the environment and consequently of living everyday life. When she met Rebirthing in 1993 she had the joy of discovering a world where the power of creative thinking along with conscious breathing were fundamental pillars available to everyone to improve their own life.

MARCH  17–23, 2024


Imagine a day where the only thing on your calendar is caring for your body, mind, and spirit. Your biggest to-do: take care of you.


3:00pm                   Welcome and checkin in



1:00-                Lunch




5:30                      Opening Circle of Joy

7:30pm            Kogy ceremony



7:30                      Diner



9:00pm                   Bonfire             





We offer shared accommodation options with double or triple occupancy. You can book shared accommodation with a partner or friends. If you're seeking a roommate, we will do our best to find a suitable match. Single occupancy on request . Gitana del mar is an eco- friendly resort and offers private outdoor showers and fans in tropical aesthetic. Each room has bathroom amenities,towels and daily cleaning service.
  • Does not include airfare

  • Trip insurance: Please insure your travel

  • Massages and Spa services. All spa services must be reserved 4 hours in advance and cancelled with the same notice time. 

  • Tips: The tip is divided among the GDM Staff and can be paid during check out. We suggest $25 per person for the entire stay.
  • Alcoholic beverages, snacks and any order from the bar.




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